Sunday, October 14, 2007

10-14-07: Atom Smasher

Raza on Atom Smasher [v2]

It had to be something big for my first post here on BetaBase. Fortunately, I had the perfect problem in mind. On September 20th, following a day of light rain I was excited to head up to Happy Isles to try some projects I had cleaned a few days earlier. Unfortunately, nearly everything was still wet...except for the tallest thing there. Truthfully, it was still a bit damp, but I was antsy I did not want to wait. It is probably only V2 or so, but the crux is the last move so bring some gusto and a big crash pad. Here is Paul contemplating the last move.


Raza topping out Atom Smasher [v2]


JP Williams said...
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Donn said...

Nice! Looks like fun. Scary fun.