Wednesday, September 14, 2005

9-11-05: Big Monster

Big Monster [v11?]
photos: Lyn Verinsky / Raza

The Big Monster: the big, monstrous project at the recently discovered Firestone Boulders. This amazing line has it all: slopers (at the start), crimps (after the slopers), a dyno (right in the middle), a heel hook (to gain the top slopers), and a crazy body position slopey nothingness top-out. While doing the three parts individually is quite doable, linking them all together makes it a monster.

Our first day to Tahoe this season was windy and cold. We were all wearing our down jackets. I think that was the first time that I ever wore a down jacket in Tahoe in September. I managed to send it on the first day of the season (but many days before previous years), I guess the training is working.

When you are done reading this, you must grab your crashpad and check out the problem. There are plenty of other boulder problems on the two boulders of the Firestones to keep boulders of all levels occupied. Take the Emigrant Gap exit, turn right for a smidge and then left and keep heading straight onto a dirt road. You'll see the boulders after a while. Have fun!