Monday, December 19, 2005

12-19-05: Unknown problem

Unknown Problem near Twinkle Toes

There is a problem to the left is you are facing Twinkle Toes. (Sean Myles crazy slab problem left of Shiver Me Timbers) I coulnd't tell if someone else had done it before but the top out was pretty mossy. Anyone else know?


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

12-11-05: Well Preserved

Courtney on the recently rediscovered, Well Preserved [v9]

Randy and Courtney saw Jason Kehl when they were bouldering in Rocky Mountain National Park on their recent trip there. He told them about a problem that he had put up a couple of years earlier in the valley. After getting the rough directions from Jason, they managed to find the problem on their first trip back to the valley.

The name seems very apt now. The problem has been sitting there for a couple of years most likely without an ascent. Beta: start on bad holds and make a hard move to the sloping rail. Engage the worm drive and work your way up the dihedral. Topping out can be a little scary since there is a big pit off to you left, but I don't think you'd fall there. (most likely)

Directions: the problem is up the hill, (trend a little to the left) from the Ament Arete. You can also get to the problem by walking by Bear Hug and heading right, but the way is a bit more treacherous.


**UPDATE**: It turns out Jason did the problem from a pseudo-sit start, starting with two pads. Here is what he said:

"Left hand on arete, Right on an edge And a cool pinching twist with the
feet... I think I sat on double pads or something though.."