Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11-18-14: Raggedy Anne

Randy Puro on the first ascent of Raggedy Anne [v9] circa 2009

To stay with the recent theme, here is another problem from the Horse Trail.  Located just on the north side of the trail between Cerberus and 1-inch Punch, this technical and slopey problem has a spicy finish.  Definitely better to try in the shade and with a good spot for confidence.  There is a boulder in the landing zone that can be disconcerting, but I never have seen anyone fall on it. 

GPS: 37.745344, -119.562619


Monday, November 10, 2014

11-10-14: Cerberus Right

Paul Barraza on the first ascent of Cerberus Right [v9] circa April 2009

Here is another blast from the past.  Out on the Horse Trail lies a hidden gem amongst the trees.  This was a team affair, as I did the right exit, Randy Puro did the left exit and Justin Alarcon did the middle (direct) exit.  Hence the name Cerberus, or three-headed monster.  

The problem is located on the Horse Trails in the general area between Kauk Face and Raggedy Anne.  It is up the hill from the trail, so it may take a bit of hunting around.  Well worth a search.  For the less adventurous types here are the GPS coordinates: 37.745549, -119.564260.

Monday, November 03, 2014

11-3-14: Zero

Patti Phillips on Zero, v4

There was a previous post about the cool boulder problem Hero, v8 and there is a cool problem to the right that was not mentioned.  If you don't feel like being a "hero" you can bust right onto the slab for a more technical option.  It is still v4, and the upper bit is pretty thin, so you may still need to perform some "heroics" to top out...

It should be noted that another cool problem is nearby - towards El Cap.  Scott Frye's Army (SFA) is a tricky face climb also established in 2008.