Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3-12-08: Hero & Others

Randy Puro on Hero, v8

What a great weekend! Several new problems were established, the weather was beautiful and everyone in the crew finished a problem they'd never climbed before. One excellent new line that was done by Paul and Randy is called "Hero" from the sit and "Crouching Spotter, Hidden Sloper" from the stand. Located in the shadow of El Cap, this climb tackles a cool arete that has surprisingly fun and powerful moves. The crux involves a poor right hand sloper and a tenuous move to a left hand jug. Randy makes the crux look easy in the video, but there was plenty of blowing off the top. The SDS tacks on only a few moves, but manages to add considerably to the burn at the crux. Possible grades are v7 for the stand and v8 for the sit.

Randy Puro on Jet Li, v6

On Sunday, we ended up at the Bruce Lee boulder spotting Randy on a very inspiring send of Jackie Chan. It was the first time I'd ever seen anyone get established on that problem, much less do any moves. The surprises didn't end there, though. Just to the right of Bruce Lee is another problem that I had never noticed before, perhaps given the lack of any discernible holds. Jet Li is an excellent, albeit sharp, climb that starts on the slab on the right side of the Bruce Lee arete and ends on Bruce Lee. The start is the crux for both tall and short due to a dirth of good feet and the high top adds a little spice to the end. Here's another video of Randy (it's a good thing he's so photogenic) sending the problem.



JP Williams said...

is "Hero" on a named boulder? Just curious on where it's located. Thanks! JW

Raza said...

Croching Spotter Hidden Sloper and Hero are on a boulder on the trail to the base of El Cap. From the "triangle of roads" on the east side of the meadow follow the trail to El Cap and you should see it on your left.

Justin said...

Why would you want to climb in Yosemite (3hr+ drive) when you could come climb with me in Joe's (~15hr. drive)?

William said...

Randy... photogenic? Cmon Lyn, who writes this stuff anyway? It's just been so long since youve seen my purty face your standards must have fallen.
Oh well! :)
Awesome vids, givin me some motivation!