Friday, January 18, 2008

1-18-08: Sent Arete

Lily Nguyen climbing Sent Arete [v3].

Scott Chandler climbing Sent Arete [v3].

I found this fun problem about a year ago while I was wandering around the Sentinel area. The moves are really fun and the holds are cool. To find it, simply walk up the main path from the warm ups for a couple of minutes. You will pass a 5.9R arete on your left. Continue on the path for just a bit longer and the Sent Arete will be off in the trees on the right side. It has since been cleaned more, so dont let all the moss seen in the photos scare you off! Enjoy!

P.S. Also, while you are there check out the thin face to the left, which Raza climbed last spring.


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the bler said...

this is an awesome problem !!