Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11-18-14: Raggedy Anne

Randy Puro on the first ascent of Raggedy Anne [v9] circa 2009

To stay with the recent theme, here is another problem from the Horse Trail.  Located just on the north side of the trail between Cerberus and 1-inch Punch, this technical and slopey problem has a spicy finish.  Definitely better to try in the shade and with a good spot for confidence.  There is a boulder in the landing zone that can be disconcerting, but I never have seen anyone fall on it. 

GPS: 37.745344, -119.562619



Anonymous said...

Hey guys, maybe slightly off topic but I was recently at orange fever and I'm very curious about the starting sequence. Any info would be great. Also, what's the line to the left of Tom Sawyer? Thanks guys.

Raza said...

Start Orange Fever on a sloping block down and right of the main angled rails. Most use a heel hook to get started and go left-left to the good rail.

The line left of Tom Sawyer is Huck Finn, which sit starts the same as the left most problem and goes right to the crimps.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at Levees gonna brake and what I believe is The Rift recently, are there proposed grades for those problems? Both look excellent, haven't had a chance to try them though.

Also, Orange Fever is great, can't wait to get back on it. Love the Rails.