Sunday, October 07, 2007

10-7-07: Fort Ross / Salt Point

The view of the ocean from the Ft. Ross Boulder

Before we got fully into Valley season, I wanted to put a post from a summer trip up the coast. I hadn't been to the Fort Ross Boulder in about 10 years. It was fun to hang out at the beach and climb on a great boulder. Every problem is good! It can't hurt that you're hanging out at a beautiful beach the whole time. We
spent the day climbing with Tim, Patti and Ethan.

Ethan on Waterfall Crack [v3r] and Lyn on the cool problem left of Waterfall crack [v6]

We later headed up the road to check out Salt Point. Ethan hiked the low (?) start to the Waterfall Crack, which is graded v3r. I'm guessing the 'r' comes from the swamp foot you'll get if you fall in the water!

The unnamed arete to the left is also super classic. You kinda think you'd fall off the cliff to the left, but that fall never materializes. The rock in this area seemed to be very grit stone-like, not that I've ever been to the Peak District...


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