Friday, October 26, 2007

10-26-07: Motorcade

Motorcade - Raza [v9] by tmedina
Raza on Motorcade [v9]

Another notable send came Saturday when Paul climbed Motorcade. Paul found this gem last year so getting to the summit has been a long time coming. The three angled rails make for some great slopper pulling with a thrilling mantel at the top. Good work Raza!

More can be found on this climb below:



Donn said...

Nice Raza! That looks like a great problem.

Michele said...

nice paul!!! I've never heard you yell like that :) I love it. Awesome mantel.

James Lucas said...

Sick Paul!

Anonymous said...

Motorcade is a rock climbing area?

In any case -- I think it's awesome that you caught all the action via video camera and placed it on your channel!

:) For any rock climbing fanatic, this is a sight to see! Recording your adventures and sharing it -- what a great concept. I like to do the same thing when I go traveling and road trips!

Tim said...

Actually Motorcade is the boulder problem. You can find it by starting at the Happy Isles Nature Center and then walking up the horse trail that follows the Merced River. It is roughly 500 yards up on the left and is the first big boulder you reach. Motorcade faces the trail or just a little up hill. The video is shot standing just off the trail. It is a killer problem. TM