Monday, October 22, 2007

10-22-07: Prowess

Lyn on Prowess [v7]

I thought everyone would enjoy this. Lyn nabbed her first send of Prowess Saturday night, that's right in the dark! The top out is super sketchy when there is light so I can only imagine how scared she must have felt in the dark. Reverse isn't an option when Lyn is climbing. Listen to the audio at the end for some good entertainment.
It was awesome.

- TM


the bler said...

congrats Lyn !!!

Donn said...

Lyn, your determination is inspiring. Tim, nice video, the lantern lighting looks really cool. See y'all next week.

Lyn said...

That's more than a little embarrassing. Thanks for the encouragement everyone, especially Patti for capturing my panicked climbing.

Audrey said...

Don't be embarrassed, Lyn. That was an impressive display of strength and composure. So inspiring!