Friday, February 11, 2005

2-11-05: Wooden Cobra Boulder

The Wooden Cobra Boulder (& Fuji)

Raza on the FA of "Bomb Threat" [v9]
photo: Lyn Verinsky

Daniel on "Sneaky Fox Cobra" [v7]

When Lyn and I found the Wooden Cobra Boulder, we knew immediately that we had a gem. But you never know how good the problems will be. After cleaning the boulder and doing some of the easier lines, we went to Squamish for two weeks. I must admit that I was eager to get back to the Wooden Cobra boulder. We actually left Squamish early because it was raining so much and we spent a couple of days at the Wooden Cobra boulder. That's when did some more lines, including "Tin Can Alley", a cool problem probably about V7/8. I'm more than happy to show anyone this boulder when the snows recede.

Lyn on The Groovenator [v4]

6-5-07 UPDATE:

The GPS coordinates are N 39º 17.042' W 120º 17.679'. The boulder in SW of Coldstream Canyon and you would need a high clearance vehicle. There is an obvious big pull out to park at that used to be a logging staging area. If you have google earth, you can check it out by clicking HERE.



el Wes said...

Paul, is this the Valley? it looks good.

Raza said...

It's in Tahoe, I'll get the GPS coordinates up soon...

Raza said...
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Raza said...

Here are the coordiates to find the Wooden Cobra Boulder:

N 39º 17.042'
W 120º 17.679'

Good luck and drive a high-clearance vehicle.