Tuesday, February 08, 2005

2-8-05: Across the Tracks

Raza on the FA of Across the Tracks [v10]
photo: Lyn Verinsky

This is a great problem that I put up down at the "140 Boulders" (near the 140 entrance to Yosemite). It's hard to see from this picture, but it's really steep, and the holds are pretty good. It is not very often to find a problem like this in the valley. It's probably V9 or V10 but I'd love to know what you guys think.

To find the problem from the 120/140 junction, head down the valley towards El Portal. You'll cross a bridge and pass a parking lot where people look at some falls. Just after that there is a pull out on the right. Pull out there and park at the very end of the pull out. From there walk right into the trees and you'll see the roof hidden there. Start on a left facing jug with you feet low on an angled block, jump right to a sloper and you're on your way. Good luck!

Check it out on Google Earth HERE.


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