Thursday, February 10, 2005

2-10-05: Death March Boulders

Ingar on the "Death March" project

Up past the Wooden Cobra boulder lies a high alpine cliff band that actually has some sport and trad climbs on it. More important for me is that that the base has some good size boulders. The hike though, is a good half hour past the Wooden Cobra boulder, hence the name "Death March Boulders." This steep face is a real gem the neither Ingar or I could do. Thin crimps on a deceptively overhanging face. Anyone up for a hike?

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Anonymous said...

there are a number of boulders on a large granite slab above the first cliff band. if you make it to the "death march boulders" you need to check these other boulders out. 20-30 boulders, lots of problems with mucho potential. just head right around the base of the lower cliff band until you reach a gully. oh yeah, and you can drive within an easy 10 minute hike of the death march boulders if you just drive past the wooden cobra boulder, and keep bearing left. 4WD only though.