Wednesday, December 03, 2008

12-3-08: Billy in the Wheel Well

Patti Phillips on Billy in the Wheel Well [v4]

On the way into the valley it is easy to drive on by the Yosemite Speedway boulder, and I have to assume most people do -judging by the amount of pine needles I find on the top-outs. Well, the next time you are looking for somewhere different to warm up or hone your manteling skills, check out this boulder.

Billy in the Well is on the left side and starts on high edges and climbs through slopers to a spartan finish. There is also a sit start that goes at v7, but it is pretty darn lanky.



Justin said...

Paul, I believe it is "Billy in the Wheel Well". At least that is how it is listed in the old Reid guide.

Raza said...

Justin, so the new guide is wrong then?

Justin said...

Yes. Matt did not do his homework.