Monday, December 15, 2008

12-15-2008 Changing Corners

For anyone who climbs in the Valley, these are dark times. The weather seriously crapped out on Friday, but even so, a hardcore group of us hit the road early Saturday AM in hopes that the reality wasn't as bad as the forecast. Receiving the message from a kind soul in the Valley that "it's wet, there's an inch of snow on the road and it's currently snowing" fifteen minutes out of Oakdale, we reluctantly turned around and headed home. The next couple weeks look grim: snow and rain.

So now what? Although I don't have any video footage of Drive On (isn't that one of the problems shown in that Dosage V movie?), I do have a couple clips of another awesome climb. Located on the same boulder as Shadow Warrior in Candyland, Changing Corners is an enigmatic piece of climbing that is greatly satisfying to unlock. It's all about one key sloper that feels incredibly insecure until your right foot gets about elbow level. Use the first video as a lesson on what NOT to do at the top. Amazingly, Mike was completely unscathed from his crazy fall and after taking a few more, only slightly less spectacular, diggers, sent the rig.

Mike Wickwire on Changing Corners [v8]

And now here's video of Tim Medina making it look easy with his impeccable Yosemite footwork and technique.

Tim Medina on Changing Corners [v8]

- Lyn


J V said...

Notice the awesome diving spotters (post-impact).

sock hands said...

omg coolest slow motion barn door to explodopop dismount evAR.

usually when folks start to turn out, they let go. at least he kept with it. a pair of sportivas would have = send.

this line and the footage is definitely good enough to temporarily obviate the need to flood your comment boxes with rage at not having any "heart of darkness" video here.

Jon said...

hey guys. i'm moving up to SF from LA (i assume we know similar people?). when does Yosemite season start? any chance i could hitch a ride or meetup for some directions? I'm going to miss Josh and the Tram, so I need to fill that void with some NorCal climbing...

jon AT mccartie DAHT com


Jingy said...

Tim Medina... He's always made this look easy.. and this is no exception. Cheers to all