Tuesday, May 08, 2007

05-15-07: Chocolate Bunny

Lyn Verinsky on Chocolate Bunny [v6]

Sloper, slopers, and a few more slopers thrown in just for fun. I climbed this insta-classic on the Lifeline boulder on (go figure) Easter Sunday a few weeks ago. The line had remained on the overlooked side of the Lifeline boulder, just to the right of the down climb. Start on a low rail, to the left of the tree, head up slopers and left & up at the lip. A fun mini-slab gets you to the top of the down climbing groove. The character of the climb is much lighter than the tall and proud climbs around to the left, hence the name.

Scott Chandler on Chocolate Bunny [v6]

Lyn Verinsky on Gravitas [v7]

There is another line to the right of the tree. Gravitas [v7] starts on a right-facing hold below the lip, and heads up through a tricky lip encounter. Initially I head far left after tackling the lip, but then Lyn pioneered a better finish that heads straight up on a perfect slab.

Two more problems are just around the corner to the right: an easy but very height dependent ramp to big edge called Super Tramp [v2] and a variation that heads directly left on crimps and then up the lip called Sideways [v8]

To find these problems, head to the Lifeline / Flatline problems and walk around to the right just past the down climb.



Will said...

Nice resource you guys have goin here.

If you guys like wide crack problems, I put up a new thing yesterday behing Camp 4. It needs to see a repeat.

If you know where the perfect easy finger crack is behind Camp4, it's basically right beside it.

Check out the post with the pics (of the fingercrack, not this problem), and the one right after it on this Supertaco thread for the details. There are also directions on getting to the fingercrack:


I'm one of the Campground hosts in C4, drop by if you guys go do this thing and say hello. I'm interested in a 2nd opinion and some ratings consensus.

Ryan said...

Very nice boulder problems and photos. I dig them.


bler said...

isn't crack somethin you smoke? ;)

Justin said...

A link-up was done that begins on "Gravitas" and finishes up "Chocolate Bunny," about V8 and called "Gravity Bunny".

d0novn said...

i must have done it a completely different way. or almost... i fell off the mini slab!