Wednesday, June 01, 2011

6-1-11: Aphrodite

Raza on Aphrodite [v5]

Here is a great line that was put up this last winter. This was the last installment from the Crumbs, the bouldering area below the Cookie Cliff. It was hard to come up with a grade, since I am not a great crack climber. I managed to wedge my fingers just long enough to send the thing!

Thanks for the vid Scott!



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Jacob said...

Thought I would let you know, we did those climbs a few years back. The one you call Karate we did from a sit. The opposite side of the boulder has a nice vert face. There are also a few variations and easier problems on this boulder. If you head down river on the same side of the road you'll find more boulders with fun problems. I recall one boulder facing the road with a slight overhanging/vertical face we found quite challenging.


Anonymous said...

Who is the beautiful dark haired girl?