Friday, January 22, 2010

1-16-10: Kumba

Scott Chandler climbing Kumba, v9/10 @ Camp 4
For all you slab lovers, this post is for you. Word on the street is that Dean Potter originally climbed Kumba and called it v8. After many years, a few other climbers repeated it, and in the process the climb was upgraded to v11. Recently, Randy, Paul, and I managed to make it to the top of this gem and while I am skeptical of the v11 grade, it is truly hard in that it requires the utmost in technique, balance, and 100% trust in your feet.

This amazing slab faces up-valley on the energy boulder in camp 4 and can be found by walking up the falls trail; go slightly past "king cobra" then head left. Bring your best shoes and a few pads because the last move is a committing dyno. Enjoy!


Olsen said...

Nice effort everyone. How does Randy feel this compares to Duel in Font.?

Becky said...

Awesome! Nice send.

Anonymous said...

Is the Valley really that dry right now?

Raza said...

Not after this last storm, the valley is now buried under snow