Thursday, October 29, 2009

10-29-09: 601

Paul Barraza on the FA of 601 [v8]

The El Cap Boulder is a solitary boulder found near the parking at the "Devil's Elbow" along Northside Drive. The established problems on this boulder are tall, crimpy, and of very high quality. This past weekend a new problem, which had somehow lain dormant all this time, was added to the boulder. Paul and I cleaned the obvious arete to the left of Zodiac [v10] thinking a compression problem would be a nice contrast to all of the crimping on the boulder. It turns out 601 is more of a complimentary piece than a contrast.

As usual these days, Paul was the first to make his way to the top with Scott and myself close on his heels. Thanks to Scott for providing the video. In regard to the grade, [v8] seems to be fair, though it may feel a touch easier or harder depending on your height (typical).



Raza said...

Justin, you left out the best part of the story. This climb was Justin's 601st boulder problem in Yosemite, hence the name.

Becky said...

Congrats on the send guys and congrats on your 601st climb in Yosemite Justin!!! Crazy. Even crazier that you kept track of all the unnamed problems.

Anonymous said...

is the problem easyer for short people or tall people, and congrats on the 601st climb.

Justin said...

harder for the shorties methinks.

Noah Kaufman, MD said...