Thursday, June 04, 2009

6-4-09: Orion

Cole Zuelke climbing Orion [v8]

Back in the beginning of the spring season when the snows were starting to melt - Scott Chandler took me out to a cool new boulder that he found right off of the Horse Trail to Mirror Lake. Although Scott got the first ascent by himself and only one pad, I would suggest bringing a few pads and a few friends. The top isn't hard, but you are pretty high up by then.


P.S. My original video of Scott Chandler was so terrible, I had to change it out.  I hope Cole doesn't mind!!


scott said...

I had a blubber pad as well... made all the difference! Haha.

Michele said...

I like, I like!!!

Noah as usual said...

I saw this line just the other day... Can't wait to do it! It is 5 stars, one of the best in the Valley. Amazing contribution, Scott!!!