Friday, September 05, 2008

9-5-08: Little Blue Anastasia

Lyn Verinsky on Little Blue Anastasia [v8]

Here is a problem that I can't believe I haven't put on BetaBase yet. This is a classic problem put up by Randy Puro way back in the spring of 2005. The area is known as the Indian Caves and this arete is the highlight of the three aretes (The Misfit is to the right) that face half dome. I think it is classic because it exemplifies the uber-technical climbing that Yosemite demands.

To find this problem, park at the Ahwahnee's and hike towards half dome until you get to a big open area and the trail starts to head toward Mirror Meadow. At that point it will on your left right in front of the Indian Caves. Or just check out the guidebook!



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That problem looks spectacular.

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