Wednesday, December 19, 2007

12-19-07: Diesel Power

Randy Puro and Tim Medina on Diesel Power - FA [v10]

A handful of people have asked me to post something on Diesel Power so here you go. Randy cleaned this amazing line in the Crystals and asked me to help him figure it out. After three days of throwing our selves at the problem I unlocked a sequence and had success. This is the video footage of day three and the first assent of Diesel Power. A big thanks to Daniel Soto for capturing it all. Enjoy!

Here is Randy setting up to dyno for the ledge with Daniel spotting. The foot holds on this problem are small and make every move that much harder. Click on the image to get a close up.

To find Diesel Power from camp 4 you walk on the trail past the bathrooms about 300 meters and you will come to a huge boulder on your left. It is the center line up the boulder. The footage of the video is shot from the trail.

- TM


sock hands said...

absolutely stunning line.

chuffer said...

like whoa. bad ass.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! Looks spectacular! Trip plans are rapidly changing to include Yosemite in the upcoming year. Keep'em comin.

Ray Bao said...

Apparently this Tim Medina guy is a legend...

Iz nice!

the bler said...

i never thought that line would go, espically because it used to be under 5' of mucky water ;)

now the dihedrial needs to go too, an even more stellar line!