Wednesday, November 07, 2007

11-7-07: King Cobra Sit

Brendan on King Cobra Sit [v9]

After two crazy long days and nights of bouldering Courtney and Brendan were still going hard trying the true sit start of King Cobra (note: I hit the record button late). It is rumored that Yuji Hirayama got the FA on this but no one know's for sure. Anyway Brendan probably got the second assent and by lantern Sunday night. I am sure he was cooked when it when down making it even more impressive. The climb involves very technical movement, lots of shoulder flexibility and oh yeah some power. Good work Brendan!

Ps. Sorry again about the dog incident.



Lyn said...

That is an awesome send of King Cobra Low! If only the dog incident was caught on video, it would be the best EVER. Thankfully Brendan was unhurt (evidence: sick send), which makes it okay to laugh about. I wish I could have seen all the fun.

Audrey said...

Yay Brendan! Allez, Poulet!